First Impression Home Stagers

Graphic Design, Custom Photo Gallery, CMS, SEO, jQuery, PHP

The team at FIHS wanted an elegant design with a custom photo gallery. The site required a simple content management system for regular updates.

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Phelps Security Services

Graphic Design, Logo Design, CSS

Phelps Security Services needed an small website to advertise a special, limited-time promotional offer.

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Cash Gifting Messiah

Graphic Design, CSS, Flash, Audio/Video Integration

For Cash Gifting Messiah, I was tasked with creating a sign-up only portal page and the subsequent website that users gained entry to. The site also included custom audio and video players that I created, and, at the will of the client, a LOT of text.

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Eternal Cadence

Graphic Design, CSS

This was a custom layout I designed for a MySpace profile (mine). I decided to put it in my portfolio, because I'm actually quite proud of the design itself.

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Terranova Construction

Actionscript, External Photo Gallery

This is a full flash site which required an externally loaded photo gallery and a full-browser format.

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SWiSH Max3 Menu/Animation

Graphic Design, Actionscript, Screencast Video needed a new banner animation for the release of SWiSH Max3. The animation also had to serve a dual-purpose by being a navigation menu for feature demos.

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SWiSH Max4 Banner Animation

Graphic Design, Actionscript, Screencast Video

Again, needed an updated banner animation for the release of SWiSH Max4. In addition to scripting, I also designed a new series of product box graphics.

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