Latest Project

I am available to help with all things SWiSH!

  • Template Customization
  • Component Design
  • Actionscript
  • Video Players
  • Audio Players
  • ...etc.

Chances are if you use any SWiSH products, then you have probably already used something I've created. I offer my expertise in SWiSH at a very reasonable rate.

I can handle nearly any job you need done ... and I will do so at a fair price. Quality does not have to mean expensive.

The big kahuna. The nitty gritty. The whole enchilada. Aside from perhaps looking around for the hot sauce, I hope you were able to get an impression of the importance of quality web design.

This is your company's face on the internet. Visitors are bound to associate it with the quality of your business or product. It needs to make a good impression, or they will leave. It is as simple as that.

I can provide you with a custom-built, user-friendly, and attractive website. A website that will grab your visitors' attention and give them a reason to come back for more.

On the technical side of things, here are some of the specific design and development services I can offer:

  • Graphic Design ... the 'purdy' part of your site
  • Site Redesign ... make your existing site better
  • Web Hosting ... for small to moderate sites
  • Flash Animation ... interactivity at its best
  • Content Management ... a simple interface to update your site
  • Backend Database ... to hold the important data
  • Blogs and Social Networking ... typically WordPress/Facebook
  • PSD to XHTML Conversion ... take your design and turn it into code
  • Business card design
  • Photo manipulation

In all cases, my main goal is make your site clean, organized, and efficient. By adhering to current web standards, your site will be cross-browser compatible; It will be functional; and, it will be optimized for speed.

I have been working with video and audio on the internet for years. I can develop custom video players which can be managed and controlled locally. I can also integrate existing video, such as YouTube, into your site.